Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When is a good time to book a trial?

A: Feel free to book a trial at a time that feels right for you! Some brides feel comfortable having a trial far in advance and others like to wait until within a few months of the wedding to take advantage of the latest trends. I am comfortable with either time frame! If you know exactly what style you would like to try, it may be a great thing to scratch off the list early. If you are not sure, you may want to wait until you have selected some of the other details of the day to draw inspiration.


Q: How do I book a trial?

A: You can find all of the information you may need to book a trial on the "Weddings" page on my website here


Q: Should my hair be freshly washed for my hair trial? What should I bring to my trial?

A: Sure! Some people find the second day after shampooing is their favorite hair day and that is fine for the trial as well! Hair that is too dirty is difficult to work with and makes the result of using certain hair products unpredictable. If you are on the fence, cleaner is better!

A great place to start a consultation is with pictures of your dress. It helps us to create the perfect head to toe look and also helps me understand your individual style. If you are choosing to wear a veil, it is not necessary to have it present at the time of the trial but it is a good time to discuss its placement and how it will fit into your style. If you have a hair accessory already selected, the trial is a good time to determine its placement options but I am always ready to give advice if you need help with that in any way! I highly recommend for any of your bridal accessory needs! Barbara's collections are amazing, high quality and reasonably priced. Let her know I sent you!


Q: Do you work with or provide extensions? Are you comfortable working with all hair types, textures and lengths?

A: I am very comfortable cutting, styling and prepping extensions. If you would like to add extensions to your hair for length or fullness I am more than happy to give you my opinion. I do not sell or provide extensions however I strongly recommend shopping Sally's Beauty Supply and looking for the Barely Xtensions Ultra Seamless 100% Human Remy Hair. They are very high quality clip-in extensions that you will be able to use over and over again!  I will be able to provide a quote for the additional cost of cutting and prepping extensions at the time of service. 


Q: Is the trial fee included in the estimate for the wedding day?

A: The trial fee is separate and due on the day of the trial. It is not included in the estimate of services nor is it applied to your balance.


Q: What are the next steps to securing my day?

A: The best way to ensure my continued availability on your wedding day is to secure the date with a deposit. It guarantees I will not accept any other work on your day. Your deposit amount due to secure the day will be stated on the estimate. Once received, it will be applied to your balance stated on the invoice. If paying your deposit by check, you can find the address on the estimate. I also accept payment through Venmo for your convenience. 


Q: Is my deposit refundable?

A: Yes! Your deposit is fully refundable up to 90 days before your wedding. However, if you cancel within 90 days of your wedding, your deposit will be considered non-refundable. Your once reserved date will be considered released and I will make myself open for other work on that day.


Q: Will you make a schedule for hair and make up for the morning of the wedding?

A: Yes! Although I do not offer make up services, I have worked along side dozens of make up artists. Creating a harmonious hair and make up schedule on the day of you wedding provides an enjoyable and relaxing environment you are sure to never forget! It would be my pleasure to coordinate with your make up artist to ensure you are looking and feeling your best, relaxed, beautiful, and on time! 


Q: Should my hair be clean, day old or dirty on the day of my wedding?

A: Clean please! :) If you typically do not wash your hair everyday and you are planning on having your hair blown out the day before, that will be fine also. I can add products as necessary to get the hair to hold. It is more challenging to work with hair that is dirty or weighed down too full of products. The most important thing is that you are feeling your best! For the bride and bridesmaids, hair clean and dry is preferred. Moms and grandmothers can be wet down or restyled dry depending on what look is desired. 


Q: Can you accommodate larger wedding parties and family?

A: I certainly can! I have a wonderful group of talented and experienced stylists that have been on my team for years! Travel fees and valet parking are to be extended to each additional member of my team when applicable. No other fees will apply.


Q: What happens if you are sick on my wedding day?

A: That is a great question right!? My first wedding was on New Years Eve 1997! I have serviced roughly 750 brides since and I have never missed one! Despite the statistics, I always have a plan B in the event of an emergency. I have a large network of devoted stylists to call on in this rare event. I make myself available for them and we all help each other. It's a beautiful thing!


Q: Is valet parking included in the estimate?

A: Valet parking is not included in the estimate or invoice as fees vary depending on location. However, it is to be provided when available. When working on location I transport quite a bit of tools and equipment. Valet parking guarantees a safe and timely arrival to your desired location on the day of your wedding.


Q: When is the best time to make the final payment?

A: Your outstanding balance will be clearly stated on the invoice and is due on or before the day of the wedding. Cash, checks and payment through Venmo are accepted. I suggest wrapping up final payment earlier in the day rather than later. As the day moves along it is more important you enjoy those precious moments before you walk down the aisle feeling focused on your friends and family, taking comfort knowing that piece of business is already squared away! 


Q: Do you offer touch up services throughout the day? Why would this be necessary?

A: Yes I do! Billing for additional time starts 30 minutes after the finish time stated on the schedule. Time is billed by the hour, rounded to the closest half hour. I am happy to give a quote upon request. 

Hair is very important to me and more specifically, your hair on your wedding day is very important to me! When I style your hair I will build your style to last all day and night through dancing, sweating, hugging, and things of the like. The factors I cannot control (and don't let anyone tell you they can!) are extreme humidity, severe wind and lastly rain. These factors play a big roll in the longevity of your style especially if you are choosing to wear your hair down or partly down. This is one of the reasons I only schedule one event per day so that I may be available to assist you if needed. The only other consideration for having me available for touch up services is if you are changing in or out of a veil or wanting to change your style between the ceremony and reception. For some styles removing and/or adding a hair piece during the day can be a little tricky and there is a method that works best!  Before I head out for the day I am more than happy to coach someone on how to do this but to ensure this is done 100% without worry you may want to consider having me there! During the additional time I am there I will go or meet you anywhere for a touch up/hair change as well as when needed, touch up anyone else in your bridal party we may have serviced earlier in the day. I do not charge for the style change itself, just for my time. I am happy to answer any other questions pertaining to reserving additional time.